TIP TRADING is a modern and dynamic company with a long-term experience in export and import of paper. Our aim is to offer a complete service related to paper supplies.



TIP TRADING company has been active in paper industry since autumn 1998. We specialize in exporting paper as raw material for further conversion to the countries of Western Europe and overseas markets. Over the years our company has built a solid position and a great reputation thanks to our merchants who have a long-standing experience from paper mills in the Czech Republic.

The key customers TIP TRADING export paper to are located in countries such as South Africa, Chile, Peru, United Kingdom, Germany, Austria, and Poland. Smaller quantities are sold to Sweden, Norway, the Netherlands, Kenya, Mexico, and Mauritius to name a few.
We co-operate with all of the main paper mills in the Czech Republic as well as producers in Poland, Germany, Estonia, Russia, and our most distant supplier is in the USA.

Exporting paper is our domain, however, following the market’s demand we also began importing paper, especially for our own conversion into finished in our subsidiary TIP PAPER. We established this company in 2005 to produce paper sacks, paper sheets, counter rolls etc. This activity is closely connected to our Estonian partner Horizon Pulp & Paper whose production we merchandise in the Czech Republic on exclusive basis.

Behind our worldwide success and reputation is our aim: a satisfied customer. A client that rests assured that he is in good hands is our best advert. We develop close connections with our customers, and are happy to say that many of them have become good friends over the years. We believe that good relationships with our partners and inside the company are the best basis for every good business.

Jaroslav Tosner
managing director

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